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Startup Week: Females in Venture, What It Is Really Like

The venture space looks very different depending on your vantage point. My time as a male cofounder to my female counterpart has opened my eyes to that. Let's take 45 minutes to talk with some of our region's and the nation's influential Women in Venture about their experiences. 

Let's hear about the unique advantage they've had building their business, the setbacks they've experience unlike their male peers and the sometimes lonely existence of women in venture. 

Sarah Bird, CEO of Sarah's raised nearly $30M to fund Moz. She's an active voice for diversity in the Seattle tech scene. And, she's tackled the tough role of assuming CEO from a former founder. Now, Sarah's managing a team of 200+ and striving for an inclusive and transparent culture at Moz.

Beth Engel, Partner at Dundee Venture Capital. Recently closing a raise of Dundee's third fund, totally $30M for midwest startups, Beth is fresh off the fundraising road with stories to share. She's oftentimes the only women in the room as she's among only 7 percent of female partners at VC firms. 

Kelly Hoey, author of Build Your Dream Network, lawyer, investor and entrepreneur. Kelly is no stranger to shattering ceilings to expand her network. A consistent contributor to Fast Co, Inc. Huffington Post and more, she's consistently named a "person to know" by all the top publications.