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  • Mammel Hall 6708 Pine Street Omaha, NE, 68182 United States (map)

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Join 100 highly innovative and motivated people who want to turn an idea into a startup. Pitch your idea, form a team, and start a business in only 54 hours. Make new friends, find future collaborators, and eat free food, drinks and snacks throughout the weekend.

Pre-event coaching sessions and scholarships are also available for anyone interested.

Sponsored by Cox for Business and brought to you by the Startup Collaborative and the UNO Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Franchising.


Want to earn a free ticket? Got an idea that you know you want to bring that weekend. Perfect. Simply schedule a pre-work session with TSC’s cofounders to accomplish the following:

  • Clearly define a Problem Statement within Lean Canvas
  • Clearly define Customer Segments within the Lean Canvas
  • List 20 potential customers to interview
  • Conduct at a minimum 10 customer development interviews
  • Update the Problem Statement and Customer Segments sections of the Lean Canvas after interviews are complete.

Once these outcomes are met, you have earned a free ticket and free inclusion in TSC’s fellowship for up to 6 months following the event.


What is the weekend's schedule?

Attendees are expected to participate through the entire weekend. Your team will need you! Here's the full schedule:

5:30 pm
Doors Open // Networking

6:30 pm
Kickoff and welcome from Facilitators, Hosts

7 pm
CEOs pitch concepts, share any pre-work or validation thus far

7:30 pm
Newly formed team dig into concepts, plan for pre-validation of market

8:30 - 9:30 pm
Lean, pre-validation workshop led by The Startup Collaborative

9 am
Breakfast and All-Hands Review

9:30 am
Concept messaging group workshop 

11 am
1x1s with TSC cofounders, mentors // work time!!

Lunch // MVP Workshop led by The Startup Collaborative

5 pm
Deadline to distribute prototype survey

6 pm
Dinner and All-Hands Reviews

9 am
All-Hands Review

10 am
Brunch // Final prep, 1x1s with mentors

All-Hands Pitch Review

2 pm
Pitch Showcase

What happens at the event?

In its simplest form, this is a sprint to take a concept to a company! In 54-hours, we want to see you either push a concept of your own forward or join a team and do the same. You’ll kickoff the weekend on Friday in one of two ways: pitching your concept to the crowd hoping they’ll rally behind you and form a team OR listening to others pitch concepts and determining which concept you’ll spend the weekend working through. On Sunday, your team will pitch the concept and the early customer discovery you’ve achieved.

Do I need a team?

You can go about this multiple ways! Come as a solo and team up OR come with a team already formed. The important thing is that everyone is expected to be inclusive to new teammates and concept evolutions based on discovery. If you want to know our stance on the importance of team, check out this article in SPN from TSC Cofounder Nathan Preheim.

 Do I need to come with a concept?

You have a couple options on how prepared you want to be at the start of the event. (We'd advocate the more prepared!)

  1. Complete pre-work (mentioned above) with TSC's team and earn a free ticket, while doing some early customer validation that will accelerate your concept's growth during the weekend.
  2. Come with a concept (tightly attached to a market problem that needs solved!) to pitch on Friday night. Make your pitch good, this is how other participants will plan to join your team.
  3. Come without a concept or prework and plan on joining a team on the spot. 

What do I need to bring to the weekend?

  • Laptop
  • Cell phone for customer discovery calls
  • Power cords
  • Whatever else you need to be hyper productive (second monitors, comfy clothes, etc.)
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