LEVEL 1 // Initiation


Take the first step! So many people have ideas, but they haven’t yet stepped forward into entrepreneurship. Turns out grandma was right - “Just begun IS half done.” So what’s required to officially start up? A high-tech, high-growth concept. Meaning, a business concept with a STRONG software component. In LEVEL 1, we deconstruct your concept and start to hone in on the problem you are solving, explore appropriate customer segments, and start to assemble a list of 20 potential customers. Wrap those things up, and you’ll earn your first badge. Easy, right? What are you waiting for? It’s time to start UP!


  1. Problem Statement Defined
  2. Customer Segments Identified
  3. List of 20 Potential Customers

Estimated Time to Completion

1 week for pre-work. 48 hours to effectively craft problem statement and customer segments. A couple of days to assemble 20+ potential customers. 

Percentage of Teams That Complete This Module


What’s the business building promise each module delivers against

How do we buy down the risk

Three anecdotes from teams/concepts who have completed this module.

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