P31 Workforce // Looking for a painkiller, not vitamin

The very first outcome of our program is a clearly defined problem worth solving. The second outcome is to identify customers that may have that problem. And, then, our fellows confirm with those customers that the problem is, in fact, a pain point. More importantly, they validate is that problem must be solved with a painkiller or could merely be fixed with some vitamins.

Rachel Tiller, an entrepreneur-for-life style founder, set out to help women who freelance find meaningful gigs. Meaningful vision, indeed. Unfortunately, the market wasn't clamoring for it just yet. More than half of her customer discovery did validate the problem, but not with the intensity that Rachel was seeking.

So, she pivoted! Now, she's going back to the initial problem statement and customer segments to test iterations of it all. A bold move. But a necessary move that only sophisticated founders are adept enough to make. We're eager and excited to see Rachel's next rounds of LEVEL 1, 2 and 3.