Importer Network Tackles an MVP

We are constantly on the hunt for founders who have a deep, defensible understanding of their industry. Boy, did we find that in Hugh Finerty, founder of The Importer Network. Hugh is a known expert in the freight forwarding import business (making sure cargo gets from China to America via ocean liners). He has a lifetime of experience and a Rolodex of gold.

He recognized that companies who needed to get their freight overseas faced some unpredictable challenges, including wildly fluctuating rates and insecure timelines. Those problems are worsened if you are a smaller player with less freight to ship. The problem was an easy validation amongst industry players. And, so was Hugh's solution. His solution is so simple in vision: fix the rates that cause the issues.

The Importer Network's Fixed Import Rates and Management Platform is going from spreadsheet prototype to early front-end this month. He's moved quickly through the process of customer discovery and will be iterating on product-market fit while he completes LEVEL 4 // MVP. Congrats on this major milestone for Importer Network!

Importer Network