Dedicated to Radically Improving Odds of Startup Success

Equal parts Company and Community Building, The Startup Collaborative's ecosystem has a single, laser-focused goal: radically improve the odds of startup success.

We represent a merger of three ecosystem programs - a traditional 90-day accelerator, an incubator and the Greater Omaha Chamber - evolved to meet founders on their terms, timelines, while helping them gain authentic leverage and traction. 

Founded by founders for founders in 2016. 

This is the house startups built. Built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. Risk takers. Mavericks. Innovators. Hackers. That is our tribe. Those are our people. People with a bias toward action. Those who see the powerful connections created by technology. Individuals that believe it can be done here and will make it happen here. We believe the sum of our parts is greater than any one company, entrepreneur or organization. We believe in paying it forward because we are confident the end result will be greater for each individual and our region. We believe there are unicorns among us. This is The Startup Collaborative.
— Manifesto, written by founding fellows of The Startup Collaborative