Housed in The Exchange and home to more than 60 startups and corporate innovation teams, Omaha Startup Collaborative is dedicated to radically improving the odds of success for our area's highest potential companies and entrepreneurs. We do this by connecting entrepreneurs to their peers, mentors, capital providers all while ensuring they've got actionable content and a functional place to build their businesses.

Join companies like Crumb, DriveSpotter, Travefy, Borrow For Your Bump and ecosystem leaders like AIM, Big Omaha, Silicon Prairie News, Straight Shot and Interface Web School and more.


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We are always adding to the community of startups and entrepreneurs... as long as we are adding actionable, tenacious people that is. From unreserved coworking to growth suites, here's a listing of our available memberships.

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Connections and community are at the heart of what we do. Please let us know if you’d like to get involved as a mentor, sponsor or supporter.

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